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CleanPlay Mobile is a smartphone application that allows users to pay for their laundry machines using their phones, as opposed to coins. Once the user has downloaded CleanPlay Mobile they can load money to it, scan a QR code on the laundry machine, and pay directly from their phone. KioSoft, the developer of the app and the technology, explains that “Not only does the app enable starting the laundry machine, but it also provides users with full access to:

  • View machine availability;
  • Alerts when laundry cycle is complete;
  • Purchasing machine credit;
  • Complete purchase history;
  • Ability to initiate refund requests and request support.

That’s a lot of laundry payment technology right in your pocket!

Benefits of app-based laundry payment technology

As you can see from the features list above, apps like CleanPlay Mobile have a number of benefits for users of the app, self-owned laundry rooms in multi-family units and operators of laundromats.

For the user, they get a coin-free and touch-free payment experience, they get cycle alerts, and they can track their purchase history in ways that coins never allowed.

For residential laundry room and laundromat operators, CleanPlay Mobile provides an unprecedented amount of financial transparency, with real-time payment tracking. There are no quarters to deal with in mobile payments, making for a cleaner, faster, and safer accounting process. Refunds are easier than ever, and you can even continue accepting coin payments if you desire. CleanPlay Mobile is a win-win!

Where do I find the CleanPay Mobile App?

The CleanPlay Mobile is available on both the Android and the Apple app stores, making it compatible with most cell phones. To make locating the application even easier, most CleanPlay Mobile equipped laundry machines have a QR code that is easily scannable taking users directly to the app on their phone’s app store of choice!

How do I load money into CleanPay Mobile?

Once you have downloaded and installed the CleanPay Mobile app, loading money is a piece of cake. On the main screen, there is a “Refill My Account” button. Tap it, log in to your account, enter your payment information, and select an amount to add. The funds are automatically placed in your account. Your transaction is secure and encrypted. You can pay with your credit or debit card, and fill it up any time you want!

How can I check the account balance on CleanPay Mobile?

Checking your existing balance is equally easy. In fact, your balance will be right on the main screen of the app, and it is updated in real-time.

How do I USE CleanPay Mobile in the laundry room or the laundromat?

With the CleanPay Mobile app installed and funds loaded, it’s time to do some laundry. Just like at a coin or card-operated laundromat, you’ll start by selecting your machine. Then, after loading your laundry into the machine, you’ll sign in to the CleanPay Mobile app. Then you can scan the QR code on your machine, and you’ll be all set!

If you are in the laundry room already, the CleanPay Mobile app should automatically detect your location. If it doesn’t, make sure that you find and scan the QR code in your laundry room.

And that’s it! As you can see, the CleanPay Mobile app is built to be as simple as possible to use. So many features right at your fingertips makes this the ultimate in laundry payment technology.

What if there’s no internet connection or I’m out of data?

If you are a laundry room user, and your facility is equipped for CleanPay Mobile, download the app, get it set up, and get that laundry done today. If your facility is not equipped, have a chat with the owner or manager today.

Also, download our app, Cleanpay Mobile, in the app store for an even easier experience.  Load money to your app anytime and use your phone right at the machine to get it started.

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